With nature as the traveler, you and your family will get practical benefits when joined with us, bring comfort to you and your family just can save costs, make your trip more perfect, more enjoyable!

You are just holding on hands 1 book ticket "OPEN BUS" of the company is you and your family can tour many places on the journey, you can stop off excursion destinations that 1 week or 2 weeks depending on the needs and before leaving the place which you confirm with the, you and your family to continue his journey on the same ticket.

Easy Book and Easy Go!

*What is Open bus?

Open Ticket means that tickets issued for this route are issued without a specific departure time. Inter Bus  will travel on the first available crossing following arrival and check in at port. Please select your anticipated date of travel.

Open tickets are also normally valid for a period of time, meaning if you are early or late you are not restricted to a specific time slot. For information about departure times, please view the "Bus Itinerary" button associated with that route

*How to book the ticket?

There are 3 options for passenger to book the ticket with us:

Option 1: Come directly to our office to book the ticket
Option 2: Contact us and book ticket through the phone
Option 3: Reserve ticket online through our email

*How to confirm ticket?

Passengers have to provide their name and mobile number to confirm their ticket through our Email / Facebook Fanpage / Hotline Phone Number / Office