The long journey of the bus may bore to you, let’s find how to avoid the boring time during bus time.

Read The Book

The easiest way to amuse yourself on the bus is to read. Doesn’t matter if it’s the comics from this morning’s newspaper, a huge novel or a cookbook – just pack something that’ll transport your mind to somewhere other than that hot, noisy bus.

Watch Movie

Preparing your favorite movies and download it to your phone, your iPad. Get on the bus, find your seat number and open your movies to kill the time for 4 hours journey to Sapa.

Listen To Music

If you are a music lover, this is the best time for you to explore the top billboard music. Opening the music and feel your beat, and just lets the bus go to the last station.


If you don’t want to do anything until you reach the last station. The best way to do is sleeping, carry the U pillow and enjoy your sleeping time.


Sometimes the best way to save your memorable moment is drawing everything you see on the way to the last station. Even it is a simple drawing, it also brings you a beautiful view about your trip.


Shooting photos every moment, keep the best, the most beautiful photo to keep your journey experience. Besides that, you can show it to your friend, your family, your beloved when you get back.

Quiz Game

If you are traveling with your group of friend, why don’t you try to play the quiz game for killing the time? Pick any topic and play together, even you also can invite other passengers to play with.

Play Mobile Game

The mobile game is very popular and easy to get nowadays. Download your favorite game and play it when you get up the bus.

Make Friend

There is nothing better than making a new friend. If you have a chance to talk with other, do not hesitate to chit chat and make friend with them. Surely you guy will have a lot of interesting topics or story to tell to each other