Divide money in different places

If you are travelling with your friend, consider to asking them to carry a little bit of your cash, in case of an emergency
Do not keep all money in one place if you don't want to give a thief a opportunity to wipe all of your.

Hide some cash in your shoes

Have you ever heard about the ideal which we will keep money in the shoes? Sound maybe is weird; however it is not a bad ideal.
If you want to stash some money in one or both of your shoes, we strongly recommend folding up your a biggest note in one or both shoes . Please keep in deep inside the toe area where money will stay safe.

The biggest Vietnamese money is : 500.000 VND ( Equal 25 USD)

Carry an anti-theft bag

Like its name, this is a truly anti-theft bag for every traveler. There is no one can touch to your bag, everything under your eye control.
With the features such as cut-proof, steel-cable-reinforced shoulder straps; slash-proof fabric; and locking zippers. This bag will be an ideal for everyone to deter opportunistic of pickpockets.
Anti-theft bags are available online from Pacsafe, Travelon, Magellan's, and other retailers. Consider your purchase an investment that might save you some money.

Credit Card

This is the most popular and convenience thing, that everyone love to prefer to keep it to travel all around the world.
Traveler can use it to purchase for all most services such as hotel accommodation, hotel bills, airline tickets, car rental, and restaurant meal.
With credit card, traveler will not worry about the problem with local cash exchange. Just put your card in, interbank will automatically exchanged money for your purchase.
In another way, traveler might be notice with the issues of the exchange rate in oversea and some of restaurant or place will not accepted credit card (Only cash)

Safety box

The safety box is very popular in the world nowadays. Especially in Vietnam, traveler can easy to find or request hotel to provide safety box.
The safest way to carry money is to not carry all of your money. It is a good idea to leave your valuables and non-essential cash at the hotel

Please notice when check-out, please double check again and make sure nothing leave behind in your safety box.

Staying Safe and Protecting Yourself

Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you at all times when carrying money.
Ask hotel reception or your local friend about dangerous areas and stay away from these areas
Always keep your money, your camera, your phone under your safety visible.
Don't wear fancy clothes or jewelry
Always wear phone strap and camera strap and put your camera and phone in front
Always walk confidently like you know where you're going, even if you don't
Cover up any visible bulges in your pockets or under your clothing
Never attempt to fight off a robber. The person may be armed, and could be intent on harming you if he has to. Comply with a robber's requests, and tell a police officer immediately.