Inter Bus Line

 Our conditions

    - ‘Company’ means Inter Bus Line and, where the context requires, its employees or agents.

    - ‘Passenger’ means any person or persons on the bus.

Payment method
We accept a wide variety of different payment methods including:

    - Cash – US Dollars or Vietnam Dong.

    - Most major credit cards. (Visa and Master)

    - Western Union.

    - Bank transfers.

    - Traveler’s checks.

    - PayPal.

Deposit to guarantee booking

Passenger will be required to make 100% deposit of ticket for Inter Bus Line before check-in to guarantee the booking with us by our Terms of payment. The booking will be guaranteed once the payment has been settled to Inter Bus Line Company. If not, your reservation won’t be secured and be rejected in automatically on our reservation system. Inter Bus Line doesn’t have any responsibility for any rejected booking without deposit from passengers.


Date Changes and Cancellation Fees

Cancellation by the company: No cancellation fee applies. Guests may apply for a refund from the original place of purchase or a credit can be made with Inter Bus Line towards another Bus within 12 months of original date of travel. If purchased through an agent, please refer to the agent’s terms and conditions.

Date changes and cancellations are not permitted on our bus unless otherwise stated. The following fees apply for standard fares:


Under 5 seat

5 to 10 seat

At confirmation



2 – 5 days before your journey start

0% % of each cabin

0% of each cabin

1 day before your journey start

100% of total charge

100% of total charge








All passengers must have to show up your ticket with correct information before boarding our bus. Full insurance is full recommended for all passengers.


Advanced registration will be required. Please provide (under Special Requests) during booking all passport information (full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number, Vietnam visa expiry date) at least 24 hours before departure. Guests with no information provided may not be allowed to go on board.

The passenger acknowledges that during the journey on Inter Bus , it will be and remain under the control of the Inter Bus Line Company (Captain & Operator)  and that the direction and control of the car and its crew is at all times the sole responsibility of the Captain of the Bus.

The Captain / Operator  of the Bus reserves the right to refuse entry of a passenger onto the bus and to require a passenger to leave the car at the Captain’s discretion.
The passenger acknowledges that the Captain of Inter Bus  has the right and discretion to change the scheduled itinerary or destination of the Bus if for any reason the Captain of the Bus considers it necessary for the safety and welfare of the car, its passengers and crew.

Inter Bus Line reserves the right to:

   - Substitute any other Car other than the one designated for the Inter Bus (including a car not owned by the company) provided that the substituted bus is of a similar type and includes similar facilities to the bus named in the Inter Bus.

   - To cancel or abandon the Bus either before or during the trip, if the Company or Captain of the Inter Bus considers in their sole and absolute discretion that the cancellation is necessary for reasons of weather or in the interest of the safety and well-being of the bus, its passengers and crew and the Company will not be liable for any loss or expense incurred by the Passenger caused by such changes or cancellation.

To the extent permitted by law, the Company, its related parties, employees and agents shall not be

liable for any claims, losses, damages, injuries, costs and expenses suffered, sustained or incurred (including but not limited to indirect or consequential) as a result of, or arising out of, or in any way connected with the bus.

The Passenger waivers the right to the Company for any claim whatsoever and howsoever incurred including a claim for death, bodily injury, damage or loss of property during pick up and drop off passener time  , unless caused by willful misconduct or reckless disregard of the Company. In the event of breach of any of these terms by the Company, or a failure in whole or in part to provide any service that the company contracted to provide (either expressly or by implication), the remedy for any such breach of any term shall be limited only to the contractual value of the performance of service or obligation that was not performed by the Company, or alternatively part value of the service where there was partial performance of the service or obligation by the Company. Any liability shall be assessed by the Company’s own value of the service and/or obligation or part thereof that is the subject of any claim.

Passengers must not bring any dangerous or illegal substances onto the Bus.

Tickets are non transferable and non refundable and will not be replaced if lost, destroyed or damaged.

Special conditions apply to private charter & event bookings. Contact our sales department for details.

Other Operators – Whilst all care is taken, no responsibility/liability whatsoever is borne or accepted by the Company for any other operator that is included, for any reason, as part of a package holiday, or conference or meeting within the Company’s Inter Bus. The passenger agrees that any independent contractors with whom the Company so contracts provide their services subject to our usual Inter Bus Line terms and conditions.


Inter Bus Car

Tickets are valid for the travel period’ shown. Exclusion periods may apply. Unused or expired bookings cannot be refunded or credited for other bus or services. Arrangements and expenses for travel to and from  Inter Bus Line  and for activities or services not normally included in the bus fare are your own responsibility and at your own expense. All bookings are subject to these terms and conditions.



For your own safety please do not carry large amount of cash.

Do not draw attention to yourself by displaying large amounts of cash or expensive jewelry

If you are travelling with children, provide adult supervision at all times.



All customer luggage & belonging have to collect the Inter Bus Tag from our Crew at our Office.

Customer has to take responsible to collect the tag and inform us exactly number of luggage and belongings.

For any belongs without Inter Bus tag, customer has to take responsible with your own personal and handy belongings.

Customers are advised not to keep large amount of money and valuables in the luggage store.

We will not be responsible for:

     - Any lost luggage without Inter Bus tag.

     - The loss or damage of personal belongings.

     -  For loss, damage or theft of cash, jewelry or other valuables left unattended on the car.




Articles left behind by Bus guests and found after departure will be kept for collection by owner up to 60 days. After that time, unclaimed items will be disposed by the bus as seen fit.

Liability of Inter Bus Line

  1. 1. Passenger will be required to make 100% deposit of ticket for Inter Bus Line before check-in to guarantee the booking with us by our Terms of payment. The booking will be guaranteed once the payment has been settled to Inter Bus Line Company.
  2. 2. Inter Bus Line does not accept liability for loss as a result of death or injury of the Customer, except for loss caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of Inter Bus Line
  3. 3. Inter Bus Line does not accept liability for injury of persons or damage to belongings caused when entering the Bus stage.
  4. 4. Inter Bus Line does not accept liability for loss due to delay at departure or delay during the round trip.
  5. 5. Inter Bus Line does not accept liability for indirect or consequential loss.
  6. 6. As far as Inter Bus Line should happen to be liable for any loss which isn’t paid out under the insurance policy of Inter Bus                
  7. 7. Line the liability of Inter Bus Line  is at all times limited to the amount of the invoice.

Liability of the Customer

  1. 1. The Customer is liable for damage to the belongings of Inter Bus Line or any third-party caused by the Customer.
  2. 2. The Customer is liable for loss suffered by Inter Bus Line and for injury of the employees of Inter Bus Line caused by the Customer or his or her luggage.
  3. 3. All activities organised by Inter Bus Line s occur fully at the Customer’s own risk.
  4. 4. The Customer indemnifies Inter Bus Line against third-party liability.


In case of emergency , please contact and inform immediately to  Bus Captain / Bus Operator.

Fire Alarm Procedures

Inter Bus Line is equipped with fire extinguisher and hammer

All “Fire Exit” lights are installed along the corridors and public areas. If you discover a fire either in your area,  or in another area of car, please follow these procedures:

   - Don’t panic

   - Use hammer break the window to find the nearest way out.

   - Leave the Bus immediately via the nearest door or following the directions of Bus Captain / Bus Operator members to the Assembly Points.

fire extinguisher itinerary and schedule are subject to change without prior notice due to weather and operation conditions.